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Alcoholism treatment is an ever present need in our society, since drinking isn’t illegal like drugs. This implies that there is a greater possibility of more and more people seeking alcoholism treatment since excessive drinking and addiction almost go hand in hand.

Alcoholism is a condition where the individual wants to drink higher quantities more frequently to get that same feeling of intoxication that he or she used to have while taking much smaller amounts earlier. This soon develops into a condition that requires alcoholism treatment.

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When to Seek Treatment

A person who needs treatment in a residential program may displays signs of alcoholism such as:

  • Severe withdrawal symptoms almost as soon as the effects of intoxication wear off
  • Having the desire to stop drinking but failing to do so
  • Withdrawing from the previous routine to live just for drinking

All this ultimately manifests itself through mood changes and loss of coordination, balance, speech and even vision. According to WebMD estimates, alcohol abuse causes the death of nearly 100,000 Americans annually, and over half of the suicides, homicides and traffic accidents in the country.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) also states that Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) struck 16.6 million adults of age 18 and above in 2013, with around 1.3 million undergoing treatment that year.

From Substance Abuse to Addiction

Addiction begins with substance abuse, which is basically consuming more of an addictive substance at greater frequency while still being able to control it. Alcohol abusers can also, usually, identify the situations in which they would have to consume more alcohol.

Not all substance abusers become addicts in the same period of time. It could vary from a few months to a few years. By that time a breakdown in personal and social relationships would usually have taken place, along with loss of jobs. As addiction continues, the body would begin to feel the physical effects of the huge alcohol intake.

How Problem Drinking Affects Your Health

Alcohol’s physical effects could be:

  • Liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, dementia, seizures, nerve damage
  • Blood clots leading to heart attack or stroke
  • Cancer, particularly of the mouth, throat, esophagus, breast, voice box and liver. The body converts alcohol to acetaldehyde which is a major carcinogen.

If you feel you or your friend or loved one is displaying signs of alcoholism, it is time for treatment. Alcoholism treatment or addiction treatment is the safest and most effective manner to get back to a life where alcohol does not rule you.

Addiction Recovery Through Residential Treatment

Addiction treatment is comprehensive and involves detoxification, rehabilitation and sobriety maintenance.

  • Detoxification – This is the first stage and involves management of the withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, hallucinations and delirium tremens (DT). Death is also a possibility which is why this stage requires inpatient rehab. Medical supervision would ensure the safe management of these symptoms. Medication provided includes benzodiazepines and anti-anxiety drugs that help prevent seizures and delirium.
  • Rehabilitation – In this stage, medication is combined with counseling. The goal here is to provide resistance and sobriety for the recovering alcoholic so that he or she can resist the urge to drink. Disulfiram, acamprosate and naltrexone are some of the drugs administered for reducing alcohol craving.
  • Sobriety maintenance – Patients are provided moral support to plan a life without drinking and stick to the plan. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings could prove to be crucial in helping the individual maintain a substance-free existence after addiction recovery.

With alcoholism treatment, there is a significant chance of the individual getting back to a normal existence, though continuous moral support is essential to prevent a relapse. Learn more today when you call Drug Rehab Centers San Diego at (833) 324-0298