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Drug treatment or rehab is the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from the disease of addiction. Yes, it is a disease and not merely a habit. It is a state in which the body is psychologically and biologically dependent on drugs, and only rehab drug treatment will be able to direct the individual to a normal life.

Drug treatment centers provide a number of services to addicted patients, including detox, therapy, and aftercare. If you or a loved one are currently seeking effective drug treatment programs, please call San Diego Rehabs at (833) 324-0298.


Addiction Requiring Drug Treatment

Drug addiction treatment is required in the case of severe and chronic chemical addiction involving alcoholism or addiction to drugs that affect the central nervous system such as cocaine, meth (methamphetamine), marijuana, heroin, LSD, opioids, MDMA (ecstasy drugs), PCP, and even stimulants, and prescription painkillers and sedatives. The biological reason behind addiction is the presence of dopamine in the brain that activates its reward circuits when you eat or ingest something.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, an individual can be termed an addict if he displays some signs in a 12-month period, which include:

  • Using some substance for a longer time period and in greater amounts than the person intended originally.
  • Taking all efforts to reduce the use but failing.
  • Changing daily routine or avoiding important job-related activities, recreation or socializing.

Systematic Approach to Addiction Treatment

When drug addiction makes itself felt in the individual, drug rehab or treatment is often the only effective and safe solution:

  • Addiction treatment first detoxifies the body, freeing it from the toxins accumulated through prolonged drug use.
  • Along with detoxification, the physically and mentally tough process of withdrawing the person from the drug is carried out, which would require management of several severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • After this is done and the individual has managed to keep himself away from the drug, he is counseled and provided instructions to live drug free after completing the treatment. The risk of relapse is ever present, so it requires an inward change which the behavioral approach does.

The behavioral treatment is indeed an important ingredient of drug rehab in most treatment programs.

Successful Addiction Treatment Models

  • Contingency management interventions are managing contingencies that could arise during the rehab program. This is done by offering rewards in terms of cash prizes or gift vouchers to participants whose breath tests or urine tests reveal they have not consumed drugs. Cash prizes typically are any amount between $1 and $100.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is basically counseling to help participants cope up with the hesitation they usually face during addiction rehabilitation and in stopping use of drugs. This helps develop change from the inside, and is usually administered through an assessment session to begin with, followed by individual treatment sessions.
  • Rehab addiction treatment is offered in an inpatient as well as outpatient manner. Inpatient treatment is beneficial in that the patient can focus on the therapy and be in an environment that does not promote drug use. In some drugs having severe withdrawal symptoms that need to be managed medically, inpatient treatment works better.

SMART Recovery and Restorative Yoga

Along with behavioral treatment, other approaches such as SMART Recovery programs that contains four steps aimed at building up motivation, controlling urges, managing thoughts and behaviors resulting from abstinence, and cultivating a balanced lifestyle are also used. Restorative yoga is aimed at promoting better quality of life with gentle, therapeutic, breath-coordinated movements.

With effective drug treatment and constant support from friends or family afterwards, drug addiction could become a thing of the past for the individual. Learn how we help addicts get sober today when you call Drug Rehab Centers San Diego at